Frank himself

I think of myself as a good-natured smart-ass; nonchalant with a touch of rowdy.

Besides writing code, I’m into:

  • simplifying, organizing ideas, and decluttering stuff (all kinds of stuff)
  • positive, fun, enjoyable social interactions of all types
  • live music as much as possible, lotssss of reggae
  • Brazilian jiujitsu (I can’t wait to get back after COVID-19 calms down…)
  • learning/speaking foreign languages; Spanish and Portuguese, primarily
  • a new curiosity about Mexico
  • music from around the world
  • taking a deep breathe, taking in the moment, and saying out loud, “Ahh, this is nice!”
  • spreading the gospel of yerba mate (yerba Mate favicon by Francielly Costa Senra)
  • sunshine and warm weather
  • not taking myself all that seriously haha